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How to Launch an ICO

Right now in the cryptocurrency world, launching an ICO is where it’s at. Over the recent past, there is seemingly no end in sight for ICO lanches for various emerging virtual currencies. But while some cryptocurrencies, like the ZAZA ICO, have used these fund-raising drives to raise incredible amounts of money, others have met with limited success. Why is that? What is the trick to launching an effective ICO? Let’s find out.

How To Launch An Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Do Your Homework To Ensure Your ICO Is Plausible
Investors won’t spend money on your ICO unless they are convinced of the idea behind it. If you have a company whose products or services clearly need an ICO to move forward, and investors can see it, they will fight for a chance to be part of it. Otherwise, it might seem like your ICO is an opportunity to cash in on the ICO craze.

It is also important that you understand the legal issues surrounding your planned ICO launch. serious investors consider such things. Also, understand the kind of competition you are up against.

Finally, ensure that you have a team that inspires confidence in potential investors. You need a team that seems like it knows what it is doing with regard to cryptocurrencies and the products/services your company seeks to offer once it has the financial resources you seek through the ICO.

Launch a Site and Have A White Paper
You must launch a site if you are planning on having an ICO. This site should be secure, and it should promote the ICO and offer all the relevant information investors need as they look to invest in the ICO.

The site should also come with a link to your white paper, where investors can find out all the details of your company, its mission, vision and the justification for an ICO. Additionally, such a site should be secure, since it is involved in the handling people’s money.

It is also important that your site has a professional look. A good site should also have a means for users to get in touch and make any inquiries about the company, the ICO or what you do. Generally, the site should inspire confidence in the investor, and offer the assurance that they ICO is a worthy investment.

Create an ICO Token and Promote It
A token is the cryptocurrency world equivalent of a company’s share. It is a basic necessity in an ICO as it represents a unit of ownership for the investor. After creating a token, and give it a code name, preferably a memorable one.

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You also need to decide how many tokens you need, and how much each of them should be worth, whether or not you offer them at a discount. Today, creating tokens is easy with platforms like Ethereum, which keep you from doing everything from scratch.

Finally, once you have a token create a buzz around it on social media and other promotional channels, especially those popular among cryptocurrency investors. Finally, ensure that your token is listed in reputable exchanges, which gives investors greater confidence in your ICO, making it more likely to meet its financial target within the stipulated time lines.

Launching ICOs has become the norm in the virtual currency world today. But while bold investors, who are willing to put their money in this new-age financial trend are always happy to invest in new ICOs, they are also quite picky about the ICOs they invest in. So, to launch a successful ICO, ensure you have a solid idea, a great professional website with an accompanying white paper, and a properly promoted token.